Life through my eyes.

Hey there!

Hi, I’m Aimee! I’m a slightly confused 26-year-old trying to find my niche in this crazy world we call ‘home’. I’ve always found writing therapeutic and as a good way of de-cluttering my mind. Through my blog, I’d like to share some of my experiences; the great, the tragic, the hilarious and the just plain weird! From adventures to lockdown; to break-ups, loss and travel, I hope to also use this blog as an outlet to track my adventures as I continue my journey on the rollercoaster of life. If anyone can relate to any of my experiences, I welcome your own stories and perspectives too, so please feel free to reach out!

Thanks and much love,

Aimee xx

Tick Tock

Time. It may be a construct created by humankind, but it sure is complex – even without mentioning the scientific side. Time soars by when you’re enjoying yourself. When you’re laughing and joking with your loved ones or exploring exotic new places, bam! It’s suddenly time to leave. Night has fallen, the music has stoppedContinue reading “Tick Tock”

Haunted but Hopeful

Her reflection looked back at her, the sparkle in her hazel eyes long gone; run away with the glint that used to light up her smile. Would they ever come home? Storm clouds had rolled in. They’d settled comfortably under those lost eyes which nowadays only ever glistened with fear and trauma; real happiness andContinue reading “Haunted but Hopeful”